Proximity & geo fencing enabled iBeacons Create your own borders around your storefront, event, and venues and incentivize your customers as soon as they walk into the area. Timing with proximity leads to conversion.
Mobile Alerts & Incentives Drive Store Walk Ins Awareness is key to converting a transient prospect into a potential sale. One push notification leads to curiosity. Create that timely opportunity to engage. Try different promotions with real-time insights.

Do it yourself

Mobile and web interfaces that allow you to build your campaigns and notifications from anywhere, anytime. Upload your media, assign your promotion to a beacon or a geofence, and measure your performance while on the go!

Immediate mobile enablement

Our mobile app platform makes your content and promotions available for delivery within few minutes of upload. Just specify a start and an end date for your campaign. Watch your customers and prospects interact as soon as they walk within your perimeter.

Operating from the cloud

Our infrastructure runs on Amazon Cloud with full redundancy and scalability. While the cloud servers do all heavy lifting, we focus more in creating outstanding customer engagements and capturing behavior insights.


Background phone notification provides that magical awareness to alert a moving prospect


Beacons advertise within your perimeter like a radio broadcast 24 x 7 x 365

3 collects customer affinity towards your offers right there right then

How Do Beacons Work

Install And Broadcast

These beacons are small wireless devices, emitting Bluetooth low-energy radio signals that can be picked up by smartphones when nearby. All you have to do is install batteries out of the box, find a suitable location to place it and let it communicate!

Stream Your Offer

Using our Campaign Management System, you can attach any promotion or media with a physical beacon. Anyone with your branded app or the cThru app on his phone will receive a notification when approaching close to a beacon.

Our Beacon Services

What to Install & Where

Our experienced team members are able to assess your store location, planograms and floor plan, and provide consultation on number of beacons needed and best places to install them inside and outside the store.

Based on your advertisement needs such as customer’s proximity to an isle or a product or being in the parking lot, we will be able to recommend beacon placements.

We are hardware-agnostic and can integrate all major manufacturers’ beacons into our message delivery platform.

Partner & Reseller Fully Integrated With Gimbal Platform

Gimbal Inc., a spin off from Qualcomm, provides one of the best in class Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons in the market. We have been working with the Gimbal team since last year and have developed a robust integration of their BLE devices with our Campaign Management System and analytics engine.

Adhering to the high standards mandated by a Fortune 500 company, our team has delivered a software platform that has earned us a national reseller of Gimbal’s hardware and software solutions.

Give It A Try

The fastest and easiest way to check out how proximity marketing might work for you is to order a beacon and install at your business location. Once you purchase a beacon, it comes with one month of free trial on platform. Create a promotion, upload your offer details, assign to your beacon, and you are on a roll.

request a beacon

Augmented Reality (AR)

The Conventional

Traditionally, retailers have relied on print advertising campaigns or other media to promote products. Small and mid-size businesses regularly invest a significant portion of marketing dollars on direct mail. Unfortunately, direct mail campaigns are unable to provide any customer insights, open rates, or activity at specific locations. Furthermore, these print promotions are not reusable to incentivize customers until the next mail goes out in the future.

New Possibility has integrated the conventional print marketing channel with Augmented Reality to create new engagement potential with customers and prospects. We have made direct mail and print catalogs re-usable, trackable and exciting! Now, as a business owner, you are not only able to incentivize your target market with ongoing offers and messages, but also able to track open rates at specific locations.

No more investing your valuable marketing dollars blindly!

Promotions On Print Augment your customer’s reality with content, commerce and conversion. While planning your print coupon and product catalog campaigns, start thinking of an ongoing possibility of incentivizing your markets. platform will help you repurpose your print and generate continuous customer engagement.
Customer Insights Our most profound offering with augmentation of print is Analytics. How do you find out which zip codes yielded most to your campaigns? How many people opened your catalog pages and got excited by the offer? How many times did they watch your marketing video from that static coupon? All you need is a Call-To-Action to hold the mobile app on your flyer and excitement is ON!

About The Product

Notifications and Message Timeline Customers get push notification as they approach your beacon. Offer details float up on the app. With one tap, consumers are able to view any promotional media, like and share the offer, and add a reminder for future viewing. A timeline format provides a digital coupon wallet.
Scan a print advertisement Consumers hold their app viewfinder on your print promotions and all encoded marketing messages pop up right inside the app. With advanced scan technology, we are light years ahead of the so called ‘QR Code’! Augmented Reality now kills 2-3 extra steps of getting to that content. Fast & Easy.
Dashboard & Analytics Our Campaign Management System provides one single dashboard to create your promotions, build your messages and upload media. Attach them with your beacon or your print graphic. As your customers engage, view real-time engagement metrics. Change your offers anytime.

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To Learn More

We are excited to learn about your needs. Our strategic platform analysts will be able to assist you with the right iBeacon and Augmented Reality solutions. We focus strongly on proximity marketing and are eager to explore opportunities with you.

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About The Company

We are powered by a team of versatile engineers, UX specialists and product strategists. For the last 7 months we have been working our [***] off building our campaign management framework and integrating it with iBeacons and AR recognition engine. While we thrive on code hacking and experimentation, our philosophy starts with DESIGN. Enabling a great business model is nothing but an incredible workflow design sitting on a rockstar product. is building a platform where consumers, business owners and agencies can all participate to build a network effect that brings multi-X values to each contributor. Our vision is not limited by the hardware or software but empowered by the opportunities that timely engagement with end-users could deliver.

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